Factor Replacement Products

HaloCare complies with all recommendations, often exceeding expectations, regarding standards of service for pharmacy providers of clotting factor concentrates for home use to patients with bleeding disorders, which are outlined in the Medical and ScientificAdvisory Council's (MASAC) Document #188.


Factor VIII (Hemophilia A)
Factor VIII Concentrates Currently Available for the treatment of Hemophilia A

​  ( not a complete list of products available)

Plasma Derived

  • ​Hemofil M (Baxter BioScience)
  • ​Monarc-M (Baxter BioScience/ American Red Cross)
  • ​Monoclate-P (CSL Behring)
  • ​Alphanate (Grifols Biologicals)
  • Humate-P (CSL Behring)
  • Koate-DVI (Kendrion)


  • Advate (Shire)
  • Helixate FS (CSL Behring)
  • Kogenate FS (Bayer)
  • Recombinate (Baxter BioScience)
  • Xyntha (Pfizer)
  • Eloctate (Biogen)
  • Adynovate (Shire)

Factor IX (Hemophilia B)
​Factor IX Concentrates Currently Available for the Treatment of Hemophilia B

​Plasma Derived

  • Mononine (CSL Behring)
  • AlphaNine (Grifols Biologicals)
  • Bebulin  VH (Baxter)
  • Profilnine SD (Grifols Biologicals)


  • Benefix (Wyeth)
  • Alprolix (Biogen)

Bypassing Agents (Inhibitor treatment)
Bypassing Agents Currently Available for the Management of Inhibitors

  • NovoSeven RT (rFVIIa) - Novo Nordisk
  • Feiba (APCC) - Baxter

vonWillebrand Factor (vonWillebrand Disease)
vonWillebrand Factors Currently Available to Treat vonWillebrand's Disease (vWD)

  • Humate P (CSL Behring)
  • Wilate (OctaPharma)